Going Abroad for Healthcare: Medical Tourism in Vietnam

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Medical tourism is traveling to another country to receive medical care. It has been around for quite some time, but it has grown exponentially in the last few years (before the pandemic). Why is that? Why would people travel around the world to have a cosmetic procedure, dental work, or eye surgery done?


There are a variety of reasons people will travel to another country seeking specific medical care. The most important one is affordability. For most medical tourists, the price is the real attraction. One’s health insurance does not cover many procedures like dental work or cosmetic and eye surgeries. Even with the added travel expenses, procedures can still be much cheaper than those in one’s country of residence. Other reasons for traveling abroad to receive medical treatments can be anonymity, long waiting lists for specific procedures, or the lack of highly qualified doctors in some countries.

A lot of times, the combination of getting medical treatment while enjoying a vacation has an added benefit of a restful and speedy recovery. The hospitals and clinics that cater to the medical tourist market are often among the best in the world. Many are staffed by physicians trained at major medical centers in the US and Europe.

So why not travel to a holiday destination and return home feeling or looking better or with a much better vision than before?

In Vietnam, medical tourism mainly focuses on dental care and cosmetic procedures. The costs are still relatively low compared to surrounding medical tourism locations like Thailand and Singapore. At the same time, the quality and the experience of these procedures are high.


The cost-saving potential, the available infrastructure like flights, hotels, and resorts, and the overall level of safety and security, combined with the extensive tourism opportunities, make Vietnam a premier location for medical tourists. A relative newcomer in medical tourism in Vietnam is eye care, whether PRELEX or cataract surgery, Vision correction is highly suitable for medical tourism.

Also, vitrectomy for floaters, which removes these annoying little specs, strands, or cobwebs floating in your field of vision, is an available procedure. These procedures are all elective surgeries. This means they can be scheduled in advance and are not urgent. Almost all are done in outpatient care, meaning that after the procedure, you can go home or, when visiting, back to your hotel.

When considering a vision correction procedure, or any medical treatment for that matter, it is of the utmost importance to choose a qualified and experienced doctor or surgeon who uses the latest techniques and the latest equipment. Be sure the clinic or hospital adheres to the highest level of safety and hygiëne and the staff speaks a language you can communicate in.

If you are planning vision correction surgery, you will probably need 10 to 12 days for the two surgeries (1 for each eye a few days apart and a few days after). You will have an eye patch after the surgery, which will be removed the next day. Usually, your vision improvement after surgery is immediate, and you will be able to resume normal activities very quickly and enjoy your vacation.

Cataract and PRELEX eye surgery are ideal for medical tourism because there is very little downtime or discomfort. Whether you want to start exploring or start enjoying your relaxing stay, you will definitely enjoy your improved vision!

If you are interested in cataract or PRELEX eye surgery or vitrectomy for floaters, contact us at the European Eye Center in Vietnam for more information.

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