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Cost-effective treatment without compromising on quality

Our experienced international Doctors are ready to give you the best eye treatments and more affordable options with international standards in Vietnam.

Why travel to Vietnam for your eye treatments? laser eye surgery Vietnam


Compared to many other countries, medical expenses in Vietnam, including eye surgeries and procedures, tend to be significantly lower

High-quality healthcare

Vietnam has made significant advancements in its healthcare system in recent years, particularly in major cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Short waiting times

Vietnam generally offers shorter waiting times for procedures, allowing patients to receive prompt medical attention and faster access to treatment.

Medical tourism infrastructure

Vietnam has been developing its medical tourism industry, providing services and facilities specifically designed to cater to international patients.

Tourism opportunities

Combining eye treatment with a visit to Vietnam allows patients to experience the country's rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine.

Welcome to European Eye Center: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Choose European Eye Center for Quality Eye Care at an Affordable Price. Your Vision Deserves the Best!

Comprehensive Eye Treatments

The clinic offers a wide range of eye treatments, including cataract surgeries, retinal detachment surgeries, glaucoma surgeries, Lasik eye surgeries, and more. Whether you seek vision correction or need specialized care, European Eye Center provides personalized solutions.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Equipped with advanced technology and modern facilities, European Eye Center ensures accurate diagnoses and precise treatments. From cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to advanced surgical techniques, your eyes are in safe hands.

Expertise and Accreditation

European Eye Center boasts a highly skilled Dutch ophthalmologist who has trained and practiced internationally. His expertise is complemented by the clinic’s accreditation, ensuring that patients receive world-class eye care.

Affordable Excellence

At European Eye Center, you’ll find a unique blend of quality and affordability. Compared to other countries renowned for medical tourism, our clinic offers significantly lower treatment costs without compromising on quality or safety.

Multilingual Support

Communication is essential, and our dedicated team understands the importance of effective language support. With fluent English-speaking staff and translation services for other languages, international patients will feel comfortable and understood throughout their journey.

Seamless Experience

We understand the needs of international patients and aim to provide a seamless experience from the moment you contact us. Our team can assist with travel arrangements, accommodation, and other logistical support to ensure your stay in Vietnam is stress-free.


LASIK in Vietnam (laser eye surgery vietnam)

We provide two types of procedures: Femto-LASIK and SMILE. Based on your eyes and needs, we will recommend the most suitable solution.

Currently, our prices are:

  • 40 million VND (approximately US$1,650) Femto-LASIK for both eyes
  • 60 million VND (approximatelyUS$2,500) SMILE surgery for both eyes 

Additionally, the standard intake consultation fee of 1.65 million VND (~US$68) will be deducted from the overall surgery cost when you decide to proceed.

For individuals aged 45 and above, we strongly advise considering PRELEX eye surgery as a preferred option over LASIK procedures such as Femto-LASIK or SMILE.

If you reside outside Vietnam, we can help you find a convenient hotel close to the clinic and arrange transportation for you between the airport, hotel, and clinic.

Feel free to reach out if you require more information.

PRELEX surgery cost

Looking for a cost-effective solution for clear vision? Look no further! We offer PRELEX eye surgery at an unbeatable price.

PRELEX  Surgery Cost: Experience the benefits of PRELEX eye surgery for just 68 million VND (approximately US$2,800) per eye. Say goodbye to the hassle of glasses and contact lenses and hello to clear, crisp vision without breaking the bank.

Book Your Appointment: Don’t let cost be a barrier to achieving clear vision. Schedule your PRELEX consultation today and take the first step towards visual freedom!

Cataract surgery in Vietnam

The cost of cataract surgery depends on the type of lens selected to replace your natural lens. We use top-quality equipment and either European or USA lenses. You have the option to choose a monofocal lens, which will give you excellent distance vision after surgery, but you will need reading glasses. Alternatively, a multifocal lens eliminates the need for glasses, offering clear vision for both near and far distances. 

Our pricing begins at VND 37 million (approximately US$1500) per eye, ensuring top-quality care. We strictly employ new, sterile disposable materials for each patient, coupled with premium European or American lenses, to guarantee optimal outcomes.

For further details, we invite you to share your phone number, allowing us to connect with you and provide a more comprehensive explanation personally.

Discover your desired packages

Cataract Surgery / Treatment/PRELEX Package

ReLEx SMILE / LASIK/ Femto-LASIK/ Refractive Treatment Package

Retinal Detachment Surgery / Treatment

Vitrectomy for Floaters

Applied insurances

We currently offer direct billing services with the following list of insurance providers. If your current insurance is not included, we are open to reaching out to your insurance company to explore the possibility of establishing a direct billing arrangement. In the event that direct billing cannot be arranged, rest assured, that we will assist you in compiling the required documents, such as medical reports and invoices, to facilitate the processing of your claim.

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