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Eye surgeries performed by highly experienced international doctors from European countries, utilizing cutting-edge technologies

visumax smile for smile eye surgery


The VisuMax from Carl ZEISS, Germany is the first femtosecond laser system to perform the minimally invasive, flapless ReLEx SMILE Surgery, which has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated performance around the globe.

Machine for femto-lasik surgery


The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the cutting edge of LASIK and PRK surgery technology. This innovative and FDA approved laser decreases procedure times with its 500 Hz speed, delivering the world’s shortest treatment times.

sophi Machine for cataract surgery

Sophi A Phaco system

The Sophi A Phaco system, developed by This AG Switzerland, is designed for advanced cataract surgery. This cutting-edge technology provides precision and efficiency, ensuring a high standard of care for patients undergoing vitrectomy procedures.

Eva Phaco-Vitrectomy for vitrectomy surgery

Eva Phaco-Vitrectomy system

The Eva Phaco-Vitrectomy system from Dutch Ophthalmic, USA, is an advanced surgical solution for vitreous surgery. This cutting-edge technology is tailored to provide precision and effectiveness, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients undergoing vitrectomy procedures.

tixel machine for dry eye

Tixel Machine for Dry eye treatment

Tixel (Novoxel) is a novel noninvasive treatment designed to reduce Dry Eye Disease signs and symptoms. Research suggests that Tixel treatment can improve patients’ quality of life. 

BLEPHEX - Treatment for Blepharitis

BlephEx eyelid cleaning machine

BlephEx is a revolutionary new patented hand piece, used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating your eyelids.

The best eye care in Vietnam with top-quality service, following Western standards

We’re proud to bring Western standards to every part of your vision care. Our commitment to your eye health is evident in our modern facilities, advanced technology, and a team dedicated to your well-being. Choose us for a premium eye care experience, right here in Vietnam. Your vision deserves the best.

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eye clinic machines
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eye clinic machines
eye clinic machines

Modern, Clean, and Kid-Friendly Clinic

We offer a contemporary and inviting clinic environment characterized by cleanliness, modernity, and a relaxing ambiance. Our space is designed to be kid-friendly, ensuring a comfortable experience for every member of your family.

European Eye Center
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European Eye Center kid Room

Dr. JD Ferwerda’s story

Bac si JD

Dr JD Ferwerda is a dutch ophthalmologist. Coming from a family of medical doctors and scientists, he decided to become a medical doctor early on. He went to medical school in The Netherlands and graduated as a medical doctor in 1988. After this, he went to Leuven, Belgium, where he specialized in ophthalmology. After working for a few years as a general ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon, he took on a full fellowship in retinal surgery in The Netherlands.  The senior academic staff members were impressed with his surgery skills.

He has treated patients for more than 28 years before coming to Vietnam. Dr. JD has been performing cataract and glaucoma surgeries, complex retina surgeries,  and various other eye procedures, always with the latest techniques and equipment. For his surgeries, he uses his own equipment and instruments and supervises maintenance and sterilization techniques.

After a visit to a childhood friend in Ho Chi Minh City in February 2013 and seeing the need for advanced medical eye care and training, the family decided to move to Vietnam in September 2014. He opened his private eye clinic in Thao Dien in 2017, and his practice is becoming the go-to center for quality eye care in Vietnam. Patients from all over Vietnam and neighboring countries are seeking him out for his expertise. 

Due to his excellent reputation, expats from Western countries with a waiting list for surgeries in their home countries, like France and Australia, are now having their treatment done here.

Dr JD speaks 5 languages (fluent in English, Dutch, and Spanish, basic in French and German) and is currently learning to speak Vietnamese. Our eye clinic always has a certified medical translator available for Vietnamese patients.

Dr. JD’s Contribution – The ROP Project

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a disease of the eye, affecting prematurely born babies,  generally having received intensive neonatal care, in which oxygen therapy is used on them due to the premature development of their lungs. It is thought to be caused by disorganized growth of retinal blood vessels which may result in scarring and retinal detachment. ROP can be mild and may resolve spontaneously, but it may lead to blindness in serious cases. As such, all premature babies are at risk for ROP, and very low birth-weight or postnatal infection is an additional risk factor.

Early detection and treatment can prevent the disease from progressing to full detachment and resulting in blindness.

Dr. JD is proud to be able to contribute to the care of babies with ROP in Vietnam. He is actively involved in the ROP project together with Nhi Dong 1 hospital and VinaCapital Foundation. The aim of the project is to improve the early screening and treatment of these babies with the latest equipment and treatment modalities. He is also assisting in the training of local doctors.

For donations to the ROP project, please visit this website

Dr JD at Nhi Dong 1 Hospital 2
Nhi dong 1 thank you letter 2

Diabetic Retinopathy

Another area of focus is diabetic retinopathy, which is also a major cause of blindness in Vietnam. As a leading expert in this field, Dr JD hopes to make a positive impact in Vietnam and the surrounding countries.

About Dr. Artem Kozhechenkov

Dr artem

Dr. Artem Kozhechenkov hails from Tiraspol, Moldova, and completed his early education there. His journey in the medical field began at the Military Medical Institute in Samara, Russia, where he earned his initial medical qualification in general surgery in 2010. Subsequently, in 2012, he commenced his residency in ophthalmology at the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was during this period that he undertook his first laser vision correction procedures, including PRK and LASIK, and began performing various other laser eye surgeries in 2013.

Before relocating to Vietnam, he gained valuable experience by working at several eye clinics in Vladivostok and Moscow, Russia, honing his expertise in both general ophthalmology and refractive surgery. In 2019, Dr. Kozhechenkov pursued specialized training in cataract surgery in St. Petersburg…

Meet our team

Eye Dr JD Ferwerda

Dr. JD Ferwerda


Experienced dutch ophtalmologist and vitreoretinal surgeon and a friendly and compassionate eye doctor.

Bac si my hanh

Dr. My Hanh


Experienced Vietnamese ophthalmologist and uveitis expert and a friendly and compassionate doctor.

Dr. Artem

Dr. Artem Kozhechenkov


He specializes in refractive surgery and excels in laser vision correction procedures, including PRK, LASIK, Femto-LASIK, ReLEX SMILE, and SMILE PRO

European Eye Center founder

Ann De Fraye

Director & French Translator

Ann De Fraye, a Director and French Translator is a multifaceted professional with a background in medicine, epidemiology, and public health.


Linh Au


Graduated as an optometrist in the top of her class. You will experience her friendly and professional manner when doing the prescreening for Dr JD.

Yen Optometrist

Yen Thi


Graduated as an optometrist in the top of her class. You will experience her friendly and professional manner when doing the prescreening for Dr JD.


Trang Nguyen


An experienced OT nurse , Trang assists Dr JD in the surgery room as well as in the clinic. Her kindness and attentiveness make her beloved by the team and the patients.​

Nhung Nurse

Nhung Tran


Nhung is an experienced and dedicated nurse who provides patient care in a positive and skillful manner, always sensitive to the needs of our patients and their families.


Linh Huynh

Senior Front Desk

Has proven to be a solid and trustworthy team member who tackles assignments with precision, dedication and a smile.​

Korean Translator and Frontdesk

Thanh Xuan

Korean Translator & Front Desk

Meet Thanh Xuan, our multitalented team member who seamlessly navigates between Korean translations and warmly welcoming patients at the front desk of our clinic.

Chi Yen

Yen Tran

Front Desk

Experienced in health care, Yen takes care of patients with respect, understanding and a genuine smile.​

Tam Japanese translator

Minh Tam

Japanese Translator & Front Desk

Meet Minh Tam, our multitalented team member who seamlessly navigates between Japanese translations and warmly welcoming patients at the front desk of our clinic.

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