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PRELEX Vision Correction

It is different from laser procedures like Lasik. PRELEX stands for Presbyopic Lens Exchange. It uses eye surgery with lens implantation to get rid of the need for glasses and contacts for distance and near.


PRELEX is eye surgery for vision correction.

PRELEX uses the same successful techniques of modern cataract surgery. These surgical techniques have evolved and improved dramatically over the last 20 years. Cataract surgery is now the most common surgical procedure performed in medicine today. 

The main difference between standard cataract surgery and PRELEX is that cataract surgery is primarily performed to remove a patient’s cataract that is obstructing and clouding their vision, while PRELEX is performed to minimize a person’s dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Is PRELEX a better alternative than Lasik?

Laser procedures such as LASIK get rid of contacts and glasses by correcting your distance vision only. This may be adequate for patients in their 20’s and 30’s who can still read up close without glasses. Once a patient can no longer read without glasses (Presbyopia), PRELEX becomes the better option because it corrects vision for distance, intermediate, and near using premium lens implants. 

PRELEX also removes your natural lens at the time of surgery. This means that you will never develop cataracts in later life! 

What if you can still read without reading glasses? 

Depending on your age and prescription, after LASIK, you may lose your ability to read up close or end up needing reading glasses much sooner. 

So PRELEX may still be the better procedure for you !