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As experts in vision, we also provide a large selection of regular quality contact lenses, custom lenses, and a range of low vision aids.

Contact lenses

For regular contact lenses our brands include AVEO, SEED, CooperVision, Bausch&Lomb and ACUVUE. You can find the selection on our website www.contactlensesvietnam.com or contact us directly for more information or to place an order. 

We also supply custom lenses like baby contact lenses, lenses for keratoconus, yearly lenses, custom color lenses, special toric lenses, prosthetic lenses and Ortho-K lenses.

Low vision aids

People suffering from visual impairment have diverse needs to make their daily life easier and regain maximum independence and quality of life again. Solutions come in the form of electronic magnifying displays, hand-held or stand magnifiers, glare-reducing eyewear etc. We offer a range of quality low-vision solutions from Germany.

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European Eye Center is proud to work closely together with Top Vision optical store.

Don’t hesitate to pay them a visit for quality eyewear and lenses and excellent customer service.
Contact them at custservice.topvisioneyewear@gmail.com